The Office Quiz: Which Character Said That?

I'm not superstitious... but I am a little stitious.


Backed by an incredible writing team and fronted with fantastic actors playing their parts well, The Office has certainly cemented its place in the history books. There's plenty of reasons it'll will go down as one of the biggest shows in comedy television history, but perhaps their biggest claim to fame are the quotes.

If you find The Office at least somewhat entertaining, you're almost guaranteed to laugh at at least one line every single episode. C'mon, when Michael Scott is your main character, it can't be that hard to believe, right?

While The Office is filled with many varying characters, there's a pretty consistent scent of insanity throughout Dunder Mifflin, Scranton. So, how well can you decipher this little paper company's cast and just which one of them said the following lines?

1. I Made A Resolution That I Wasn't Going To Drink Anymore. During The Week.


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