The Office Quiz: Which One Of Michael's Girlfriends Said It?

How well do you know all the girlfriends of Michael Scott?


Throughout The Office, Michael Scott finds himself in four different serious relationships. Three of them turn out to not be the one for him, Holly who shows up to replace his enemy Toby is the perfect match.

First we meet Carol, Michael's realtor, who he goes a little over the top with. He proposes to Carol after only a couple of dates and she eventually decides to leave after he adds himself into a photo of her family.

Next he began dating his boss Jan. The pair have a rather unusual relationship and it takes a pretty awkward dinner party for the pair to finally part ways.

After Jan, Holly comes into Michael's life working in HR. Her fun sense of humour wins him over straight away. Although, the face time apart, it was clear that the would end up together in the end.

Before Michael settles down with Holly he dates Donna. A bar manager in Scranton who isn't quite what she seems to be.

How well do you know all the girlfriends of Michael Scott? We've devised the ultimate quiz that will test even the biggest fan of the show. Only Michael could get 100% on this quiz. How many will you get correct? Let's find out!

1. Oh, Really? You Don't Think He Walked By The Bakery Just For The Smell Of It?


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