The Office Quiz: Who Said It - Angela Or Phyllis?

Which leader of the Party Planning Committee said it?


In the Dunder Mifflin Scranton there are two women who covert one position more than anything else. Both Angela Martin and Phyllis Lapin-Vance want to be the head of the Party Planning Committee.

Both Phyllis and Angela have experienced being at the top of the biggest committee in the company and when not, have even plotted to take each other down. Phyllis even blackmailing Angela when she discovers her affair with Dwight, though she doesn't see it as blackmail.

Both Angela and Phyllis are proud women, though their differing personalities mean that they constantly clash. Angela is demanding of Phyllis, wanting everything to be perfect. Phyllis at first goes along with Angela's wishes, even trying techniques to deal with her difficult behaviour. Though when given the opportunity she makes Angela work hard when it's her turn in charge.

Despite the frequent clashes, the pair do end up respecting each other. Phyllis even carries Angela down to the alter at her wedding after Angela can't following a prank gone wrong.

How well do you know these titans of the Party Planning Committee? Can you tell and Angela quote from something Phyllis said? Let's find out!

1. If You Ever Put SunblockOn A Window You Might Be Michael Scott


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