The Office Quiz- Who Said It In The Talking Head Confessionals?

Can you prove that you've been paying The Office's talking-head confessionals by scoring 100%?

The Office Michael

The Office ran for an amazing 201 episodes, each one documenting the daily work life of seemly ordinary employees of a paper company.

It turns out the workers of Dunder Mifflin Scranton we some of the most wonderful people that we got to know. There was the the Branch Manager Michael Scott who loved both his employees and also being the centre of attention. We got to see receptionist Pam Beasley and likeable paper salesman Jim Halpert gradually realise they were meant to be together. Let's not forget Dwight Schrute; Michael's right-hand man whose dream is to become Branch Manager.

For 9 season we didn't just love the main cast, everyone stole our hearts. From sensible Oscar to the weird and wonderful Creed; it was hard not to cheer for everyone.

One of the main ways we got to experience each of the cast of characters was through the talking head confessionals. Just like a documentary, The Office used these to give us an insight into the thoughts of each character. Often hilarious and sometimes emotional, we found out all kinds of things about our favourites.

Can you prove that you've been paying attention to all The Office's talking-head confessionals by scoring 100%? Let's find out!

1. I Talk A Lot, So I've Learned To Just Tune Myself Out.


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