The Office Quiz: Who Said It - Pam Or Karen?

Can you tell Jim's lovers apart from just their quotes alone?

The Office

It's probably fair to say that Pam Beesly and Karen Filippelli had a tense relationship during their time together at the well-known paper company in Scranton. Pam had feelings for Jim but now Jim was dating Karen there was nothing she could do about it. She had to sit at her lonely reception desk and watch the two laugh and joke around, a lot like Pam and Jim used to do before he moved to Stamford. Who could blame Jim for moving on though? He confessed his love for Pam and it was obvious she had feelings for him too but she refused to call off her engagement... well until it was too late.

Fans of The Office knew that Karen and Jim's relationship wouldn't last and that Pam and Jim were destined to be together but nevertheless, Karen's presence in Scranton was definitely a memorable one.

What we want to know today is can you tell Jim's lovers apart from just their quotes alone? Who said the following - was it Pam Beesly or Karen Filippelli?

1. "He's Always Looking At The Camera, Like This. What Is That?"


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