The Office Season 9: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

10 reasons why you should be watching every week to see how this show is going to come to a close.

With the season premiere approaching, there is a lot of speculation and some questions that need to be answered in this, the final season of The Office. There have been several interviews from co-creator Greg Daniels where he is really ramping this season up to be a big one. With all of his exciting interviews, I can say I have been moved, and although many people say The Office should've ended when Steve Carell left, I would like to see it go on forever. Since it can't though, Daniels has made me excited for the last 22 episodes to come. Here's 10 reasons why you should be excited too...

10. Oscar & Senator Lipton

Season 8 left us with Oscar & the Senator (I mean State Senator) in a sad for Angela, hilariously frightened for Oscar kind of conversation. "You didn't call. You know what this is about." And then the Senator mouthed, "Call", while he covers poor baby Phillip's ears. Now Oscar hasn't had a lover since Gill. Matt was a fail and a dummy apparently, so we are all doing the classic "will they, won't they". I personally think they should, I mean if Oscar wants to. Angela is terrible to Oscar, always has been, and the baby might not even be the Senator's! (State Senator's!)

9. Baby Phillip Lipton's True Paternal Father

With Dwight and Angela waiting for the DNA test for the longest 72 hours of our lives, they went back to their warehouse instincts and started making out. There was definitely some cloudiness on the timeline of baby Phillip's conception and birth; Oscar and everyone else who visited them in the hospital thought Phillip was going to be a premature. We come to find out that Phillip was not a 5 month born baby, he was born after a full 9 months, which makes the last time Dwight and Angela hooking up and conceiving pretty believable. Then again, can we take her word for truth and believe that Phillip truly is the Senator's? He seems like he would be a pretty great dad and provide for his baby. Dwight on the other hand, seems to think the baby is his, referencing the size of Phillip's head to the head of past Schrute baby's.

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