The Office: That's What She Said Quiz!

The Office Quiz - Can You Remember Who Said The Line BEFORE That's What She Said!


When it comes to beloved modern-day TV sitcoms, one that forever receives a whole load of love – and rightly so! – is the US version of The Office.

Some may have been a little sceptical when the series was first announced, but The Office: An American Workplace has gone on to become an all-time great piece of sitcom television. And like so many legendary sitcoms, key to the success of The Office was its phenomenal characters and the quirks that they all brought to the table.

One particular quirk brought by Steve Carell’s Michael Scott, of course, was his habit of throwing out a “that’s what she said” comment, often laced with an element of sexual innuendo, although also later revealed to be a genuinely problematic habit that Scott just cannot put a stop to.

It wasn’t just Michael Scott who spouted this iconic line, mind, for other Dunderheads would find themselves copying the series’ lead character. But what we want to know here, is who said the line that came before “that’s what she said” was uttered by one of The Offices characters.

Ahead of you, there are numerous lines that all resulted in a “that’s what she said” – you just have to identify which characters said these lines and gave Michael and his The Office cohorts the chance to deliver again on one of its trademark pieces of dialogue.

1. Who Said It - No Thanks, I'm Good.


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