The Office: The Impossible Danny Cordray Quiz

Can you remember which Hollywood actor Kelly Kapoor believed Timothy Olyphant resembled?


The Office creators conceived of the character of Danny Cordray to basically be the best salesman in Dunder Mifflin, even better than Michael Scott, Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute. He might well be the best salesman in the whole paper industry and only a major actor would be suitable enough to carry off such a role. It was actually Timothy Olyphant’s lack of experience in the comedy genre that found him land the role.

In the end we only saw Danny Cordray appear in two episodes of The Office: An American Workplace but it was unforgettable his character's contributions to the show. That knowledge we are going to put to the test in this impossible quiz about all things Danny Cordray.

Do you know which of his Dunder Mifflin colleagues he once went on some dates with or which one tried to seduce him in the work place? Or how about which Hollywood actor that Kelly Kapoor believed Timothy Olyphant resembled?

Take our quiz below and remember you can find the answers at the very end.

1. What Is Danny's Job?


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