The Office: The Impossible Deangelo Vickers Quiz

How much can you recall about the eccentric boss who replaced Michael Scott as manager?

Deangelo Vickers

Although Deangelo Vickers’ time in The Office: An American Workplace was so short lived, it’s undeniable that he made an indelible impression on Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

The producers of The Office knew they had a massive problem and in truth, an impossible task to replace the exiting Steve Carell’s incredible presence as Michael Scott but they hit a home run when they managed to convince his Anchorman co-star and Hollywood movie star Will Ferrell to step in for a guest stint.

The real magic of Will Ferell’s time on the show was his striking chemistry with Steve Carell and it was so great to see two giants of the big screen come together on the small screen before Michael Scott said his final goodbyes in that emotional farewell.

From his brief time on The Office, how much info did you manage to retain about the man who replaced Michael Scott as manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, at least temporarily anyway.

Take our quiz below and remember you can find out the answers at the very end.

1. What Is Deangelo’s Middle Name?


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