The Office: The Impossible Pete Miller Quiz

How much do you remember about the "New Jim”?

The Office Pete Miller

Introduced quite late in The Office’s long run, in the final season in fact, Pete Miller and Clark Green were conceived to basically be the new Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute. The basic premise from the writers seemed to be that they would attempt to replicate another bromance in the show but in this case Pete and Clark would also act as something like fishes out of water - not quite believing how surreal Dunder Mifflin Scranton really was - and in truth would probably bond for how normal they were among the crazy.

If only they were hired earlier and had time to work under Michael Scott then they may have found how utterly ludicrous working for Dunder Mifflin could actually be!

We only got to know Pete Miller for one season but he was pretty much a main character in the show and we got to learn quite a lot about the “New Jim”. Rather hilariously despite his similarities to Jim on the surface, the pair wouldn’t actually get along in the show and would have nothing in common when they would interact.

Remember you can find the answers to this impossible Pete Miller quiz at the very end. Good luck!

1. What Year Was Pete Born?


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