The Office: The Progressively Easier Did Jim Halpert Say It Quiz

Was Jim Halpert or Dwight Shrute the self-proclaimed "black belt in gift wrapping?"

The Office Jim Halpert

The Office's Jim Halpert was never really interested in being a paper salesperson. His role at Dunder Mifflin was always meant to be temporary but then he fell in love with receptionist Pam Beesly.

Jim was always recognised by senior staff at Dunder Mifflin has having potential, even though Jim never seem to manage to sell as much paper as Dwight. Instead, Jim preferred to hang around at Reception with Pam; coming up with different pranks that the pair could pull on Dwight.

Eventually Jim once Jim had married the girl of his dreams and even had a stint of being co-manager; Jim would look to move on from Dunder Mifflin. Instead getting into a start up business in sports marketing with his friends from college.

Though it took a lot of time for Pam to buy into Jim's dream too, we'd say goodbye to Dunder Mifflin the same time Jim did, as he left to rejoin Athleap in Texas.

Jim Halpert was a big character in The Office, but do you remember all the funny and sentimental things he said during the 9 seasons of the show?

All you need to do is work out if each of these 12 quotes were said by Jim or another Dunder Mifflin employee. Let's see if you can identify them all!

1. I Am A Black Belt In Gift Wrapping.


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