The Office The Progressively Easier Did Michael Scott Say It Quiz

Will you score 100% on this ultimate Michael Scott quotes quiz? Let's find out!

michael scott The Office

The Office's Michael Scott likes to view himself as the jokester of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin.

He loves nothing more than trying to make his employees and everyone around him laugh. Whether it's the offensive characters he creates, silly voices he uses or just making fun of everybody; Michael's jokes don't always land. Quite often we find ourselves laughing at him, rather than with him.

Yet despite the terrible jokes, we can't help but love Michael.

Are you the biggest fan of The Office's Michael Scott? You'll have to be if you want to score top marks at this ultimate quotes quiz.

We've collected 12 quotes from the 9 seasons of The Office and all you need to do is work out if they were said by Michael Scot said it.

Do you remember if it was Michael that said if he didn't have cake soon he might die? Was it Michael or another Dunder Mifflin employee who said they didn't work for 5 days after discovering YouTube?

You'll have to have seen every episode of The Office if you want to stand a chance of identifying if it was Michael who said each of these 12 quotes.

1. Any Man Who Says He Totally Understands Women Is A Fool. Because They Are Un-understandable.


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