The Office: The Progressively Weirder Michael Scott Or Dwight Schrute Quiz

Do you remember if it was Dwight or Michael who built a Doomsday Machine?

the office michael scott dwight schrute

The Office's Dwight Schrute wants nothing more than to be liked and respected by his boss Michael Scott. In his mostly fake role "Assistant to the Regional Manager", Dwight views his job as to make sure he's Michael's right-hand man. The trouble is, Michael would rather be friends with Ryan or Jim.

Michael doesn't think that Dwight is cool enough to be he true best friend. He tends to find his desperation to be liked off putting. Instead, Michael tends to dismiss Dwight... even though he's usually the only one to go along with is schemes.

When Dwight gets his dream job and is finally about to marry love of his life Angela, Michael is finally there to be his bestest mensch.

Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute have an unusual relationship but how well do you know all the weird things each of them got up to during the show?

Do you remember if it was Dwight or Michael who invested in Blockbuster video? Can you recall which of the pair built a Doomsday Machine?

Only the biggest fans of The Office will be able to get 100% on this progressively weirder quiz. Let's see how many you answer correctly.

1. Favourite Ice Cream Flavour Is Mint Chocolate Chip.


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