The Office: The Ultimate Jim Halpert Quiz

Are you the biggest fan of Jim Halpert? Let's find out!

Jim Halpert Season One

In The Office, Jim Halpert is just the average paper salesman. He's stuck in a job that was never supposed to be his career and fell deeply in love with engaged receptionist Pam Beesley.

With girl of his dreams Pam always being out of reach he was happy enough to stick around at Dunder Mifflin Scranton when he felt like he might have a chance to be with her. Especially since he got to have fun with her playing pranks on Dwight. Then once Jim finally revealed his true feelings for Pam and she rejected him, he made the decision to leave his beloved branch.

Fate had a way of bringing Jim and Pam together. In the end Jim realised that Dunder Mifflin gave him all he could want with his perfect partner and their two children. Yet when he had the opportunity to work in sports marketing he jumped at the chance, even though it almost pulled his family apart.

Though life got tough for Pam when Jim tried to purse his dreams, Jim was willing to give it all up for her.

Jim Halpert was able to achieve his dreams in the end, but the question is will you succeed at proving yourself to be the biggest fan of The Office?

Let's see if you can get every question about Jim correct!

1. Which Branch Does Jim Transfer To?


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