The Office UK Quiz: Who Said It - David, Tim Or Gareth?

An office is a place where dreams come true...


In 2001, the office of Wernham Hogg opened its doors. Filled with cringe-worthy, realistic characters and a brutally honest depiction of office life, it was a groundbreaking yet, a new piece of art. Shot in documentary style and wrapped up in dark and satirical humour drawn out of uncomfortable situations, it wasn't everyone's cup of tea and the TV audience weren't able to catch its leash. Thus, David, Tim, Gareth and Co. weren't an instant one-hit-wonder.

Life at The Office is stationary and making it worthwhile are the odd goofball procrastinators David, Tim and Gareth, who do nothing other than messing with each other all day long and just 14 episodes, 7 hours later, we realise that the office is a genre-defining piece of art. And inevitably, shining brightly are the standout characters of David, Tim, and Gareth.

The Office is a horrifying glimpse of modern life brought into being and then allowed to rest forever. But we fans never rest and we'll keep on discussing it, through series of articles, lists, and quizzes. Here's my attempt.

So can you tell these three apart from their quotes alone?

Answers at the end!!!

1. "Don't 'assume'. It Makes An 'ass' Out Of 'u' And 'me'."


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