The Office UK Vs US: Which Characters Are Best?

Wernam Hogg vs Dunder Mifflin - who are the star employees?


Comparing the overall quality of the two English language iterations of The Office is a fool’s errand.

One is a pitch black, miserablist comedy that fulfils its job in under ten hours total and sticks quite rigidly to the mock doc formula; the other is a sprawling, warm, increasingly traditional sitcom that eventually gives the people what they want. Both are great, but they serve totally different purposes.

The characters, on the other hand, are well worth contrasting. In many ways the US adaptation stuck closely to the formula of the core creations, but the massively longer run time allowed them to dig into more of the side characters, as well as the backstories of the entire staff.

We’ll be sticking here to the characters that have clear variations on both sides of the pond, so sadly that means no Toby, no Malcolm, and worst of all, no Creed Bratton.

As for the others, though, who comes out on top? Who is lining up for the combined Office XI? This is a transatlantic supergroup, the two great shows combining to create one of the finest hypothetical casts ever assembled.

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