The Office US Quiz: Did Michael Say It Or Not?

How well do you really know the king of Dunder Mifflin?


People were originally skeptical over the US adaptation of The Office due to the sheer amount of British comedies that had tried, and failed... miserably.

The short lived UK series built a cult following for itself but the US counterpart blew it out of the water with a production run of 201 episodes.

Taking the reins from David Brent was Michael Scott, living in his own little bubble as his predecessor did and doing so with 100% more American spirit.

Each line that awkward falls from Michael’s mouth is side-splittingly funny, with Steve Carell’s delivery a key factor in the emphatic success of the show. Michael Scott gets all the plaudits for this meteoric rise and rightly so.

If you call yourself a Michael Scott fan, or a fan of The Office US in general, you should be able to tell his unique quotes apart from the rest of the Dunder Mifflin minions with ease.

Prove how well you really know Michael Scott with this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. “Saw Inception. Or At Least I Dreamt I Did”


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