The Office US Quiz - The Impossible Car Related Moments!

Office car park fights, leaky spark tubes, running over employees, inventive car number plates!

Michael Scott The Office

Some say the worst part of a job is actually the commute but the characters in the US version of The Office sometimes made it look so fun. Who could forget the iconic car related moments from Dunder Mifflin Scranton's finest employees.... such as the infamous "it's Britney bitch" character introduction (we won't spoil who said that as it's a question below) in their top down red Sebring or Michael and Holly's never-ending journey to a different branch.

It's true that some of The Office's most memorable moments took place outside of the building itself. Office car park fights, characters in disguise as car mechanics to fix a leaky spark tube, running over fellow employees, inventive car number plates and driving cars into a f***ing lake!

But can you actually remember which character was involved in those incidents? Can you really remember what set of wheels each of your favourite office paper salesmen and women drove to work each day? To make things even more tricky it was common for the Office characters to change cars often throughout the series, so you'll have to prove yourself to be a real dunderhead to ace this quiz.

As always you can find answers at the end.

1. Who Drove Their Car Into A F***ing Lake?


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