The Office US Quiz: Which Michael Scott Alter Ego Said It?

How well do you know the "World's Best Boss" and his alter egos?


In 2005, the office of Dunder Mifflin opened its doors to the world. Filled with cringe-worthy, realistic characters and it's brutally honest depiction of office life, The Office was a groundbreaking new piece of art.

Regional Manager, Michael Scott became the most unorthodox leading man in television, who liked nothing more than messing with his employees. Vain, oblivious, and demeaning at times, he makes up with the biggest heart of all and 9 seasons, 142 episodes and countless racist, sexist and social faux pas.

Although his position at Dunder Mifflin was quite an important one, Michael Scott liked to put his managerial responsibilities second to his need to be liked. He would often create many alter egos throughout his career to try and entertain his employees. Agent Michael Scarn was the star of Threat Level Midnight! Caleb Crawdad, he does declare, was the Southern persona Michael used for a murder mystery night.

These are just a few of the many characters that came out of Michael Scott's otherworldly brain, but can you tell Michael Scott's alter egos apart from these quotes alone?

Answers are at the end!!!

1. "I Say, I Say, I Sit On You!"


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