The Office US Quiz: Who Did It – Dwight, Jim Or Michael?

Dunder Mifflin experts ONLY should tackle this hard quiz about The Office US!


When the US version of The Office first aired in 2005, many of those familiar with the UK incarnation of the show chortled and scoffed at the notion that this would merely be a pale rip-off of Ricky Gervais’ excellent series. Instead, the US show went on to far surpass its same-named predecessor and become a powerhouse all of its own, cementing a special spot in sitcom history along the way.

In amongst the brilliant ensemble cast at play in the massively popular series, three of the prime reasons for the success of The Office (US) are the characters of Rainn Wilson’s Dwight Schrute, John Krasinski’s Jim Halpert and, of course, Steve Carell’s Michael Scott.

Throughout The Office’s incredible nine-season run, so often it was these three characters who would anchor the antics at play at Dunder Mifflin and beyond – and it would be even more entertaining when all three were on-screen together.

How well do you know Dwight, Jim and Michael, though? Hopefully very well, for here we’ve got several facts about this trio of beloved characters – you just have to tell us which character each of these different facts apply to!

1. Whose Brothers Are Named Pete And Tom?


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