The Office US Quiz: Who Did It - Michael, Dwight Or Jim?

Are you a Dunder Head?


Though The Office could never have worked without all of its cast of characters - including the supporting stars and those who came well after it all started - it was really the original core of the show that made it what it was.

A lot of that success also came down to the impeccable casting of the likes of Pam, Jim, Dwight and Michael Scott - all of whom were either equal to or better than their British equivalents from the original Office. The men in that little group also shared a dynamic, mostly based on pranks and ribbing, but definitely underpinned by affection and an unexpressed protective instinct.

Over the course of most of the show's run, those three were also the source of some of the biggest laughs as we laughed with them and occasionally at them. But how familiar are you with the special trio? Could you call yourself an expert?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Runs A Business With His Cousin Mose?


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