The Office: What's My First Line?

How well do you know the first lines of the employees of Dunder Mifflin?


Despite being in the shadow of one Britain's most popular and beloved comedies, The Office US managed to escape the derivative nature of its heavily criticised first season, and blossomed into a whole new entity. With a whopping 201 episodes, we were introduced to a bunch of delightful, whacky and heartfelt characters with some of the most quotable lines in television history.

If you're like most people you've probably seen The Office a dozen times and can rattle off the majority of its infamous quotes at the drop of a hat. After all, it's relatively easy to remember who called Dwight an "ignorant slut", or who talks so much they manage to tune themselves out, but how well do you know the very first lines of some of your favourite characters?

Forget beets, bears and Battlestar Galactica, this quiz is for the seriously devoted Office fans out there. If you get 100%, feel free to get yourself a 'World's Best Boss' mug, you deserve it.

1. Michael Scott


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