The Originals Quiz: Can You Guess The Season From The Episode Title?

Only a true Mikaelson will ace this quiz!

The Originals Sophie
The CW

Vampires, werewolves, witches, and devils are all in fashion. There is a very high demand for fantasy supernatural dramas nowadays. People want to break away from the topicality and plunge into the abyss of the incredible and The Originals is one of the best series in this genreā€¤

In general the show is fantastic yet quite vital. The plot is about power-hungry thousand-year-old vampires, for whom the family is the most important. For a thousand years, the family of Mikaelsons quarrelled, stuck daggers into each other, and betrayed each other. But still, family bonds are unbreakable, even after so many centuries of hurting and venting anger at each other.

A sister who wants simple female happiness. A brother who feels guilty for not protecting his brother in his time, and now devoted his entire eternal life to him. A psychopath brother who wants to be loved, but at the same time does not trust anyone and dreams of all-consuming power.

But how well do you remember the show? Can you correctly match the episode title to the season? Only the most die-hard fans can score full marks on this quiz. Is that you? Let's find out!

1. Wheel Inside The Wheel


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