The Originals Quiz: Klaus Mikaelson - Is It A Lie?

"I believe that secrets are a poison that need to be spat out."

The Originals Klaus Mikaelson
The CW

A wonderful spin-off of the series The Vampire Diaries, The Originals is made according to all the canons of the genre. Each season has a separate arc, and troubles are pouring down on the main characters on the rise. There are spectacular cliffhangers, there are unexpected and therefore there are even brutal deaths of key characters.

One of the main protagonists, Klaus was simply impossible not to love, even though he is a patented fool and a bloodthirsty psychopath. But he had his reasons. With a dad like that, it's hard to keep alive for centuries, and so we have what we have: paranoia, cruelty, uncontrollable fits of rage, and an inability to show affection to anyone. In general, the ordinary mischief, even by the performance of an attractive Joseph Morgan.

And just like that, it spun that Klaus has a daughter from a werewolf girl. Plot twists and turns built mainly around her because the child of a werewolf and a hybrid is a tasty trophy for hunters to overthrow the originals and take New Orleans into their hands. Nevertheless, Klaus’ thousand-year story came to an end, as he sacrificed himself for his daughter in order to save her from dark power.

The question we are asking fans today is just how well do you remember the cruelest vampire? Can you guess which of the following statements is a lie?

1. Klaus Become A Vampire In 1001.


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