The Originals Quiz: Who Am I - Hayley, Klaus Or Elijah?

Marshall or Mikaelson? How much do you really know about The Originals?

The Originals Quiz
The CW

The Originals began with Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson returning to their home of New Orleans after Marcel tried to plot against them. The brothers tried to rebuild the home they once left behind.

Hayley Marshall, who was pregnant with Klaus' baby, also came to New Orleans in search of information about her family.

This is the very short version of what turned out to be one of the best supernatural television shows ever made.

The seasons, with their ups and downs, were ranked by the movie critics differently, but the overarching themes of family, friendships and love perfectly served by the main characters had a massive impact on the audience. Episode by episode, The Originals, with the remarkable arsenal of vampires, werewolves, witches and hunters, took the audience on a roller coaster of emotions with tears, happiness, and anger.

Incredibly interesting events took place in this teen-centric supernatural teen show, but how much do you actually remember? Are you a real super fan of The Originals or are you just a casual viewer?

Not even the Mikaleson brothers themselves could score 100% on this quiz!

1. I Appeared First In The Pilot.


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