The Originals Quiz: Who Am I – Klaus Or Elijah?

Which Mikaelson was it?

The Originals
The CW

The Originals began with the return of the Mikaelson siblings to New Orleans after they were forced to leave because of their father, Mikael. This is the story of the first vampires and their endless struggle with their enemies. However, sometimes the Mikaelsons were their own enemies, with siblings fighting each other and sons fighting fathers.

Klaus was the world's first original hybrid and the strongest vampire, possessing special powers and abilities that other vampires did not have. However, Klaus always wanted to control his siblings’ lives.

Unlike Klaus, Elijah has always been known to be kind, friendly, and loyal, but at the same time, he was fickle and pushy. He was very protective of his family and loved ones. However, due to Klaus' complex nature, their relationship repeatedly changed from partners in crime to enemies and back again.

For now, let's take this quiz and find out how well you remember these two handsome original vampires. Can you identify the backstory or trait that matches the character? Only a true Original will be able to score full marks!

1. Tristan Is The First Vampire Of My Sireline.


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