The Originals Quiz: Who Said It To Klaus?

Can you guess who said these lines to the great evil?

The Originals Klaus
The CW

Klaus (Niklaus) Mikaelson made his debut on The Vampire Diaries, then became the protagonist of its spin-off - The Originals.

He was considered the most vicious, villainous, duplicitous, ambitious, and powerful Mikaelson clan member. Klaus’s character was mysterious and unpredictable, thus during his appearance in The Vampire Diaries, he was hated by fans. But soon, once The Originals aired, fans were crazy with this narcissistic hybrid.

Niklaus Mikaelson's story began in America where his mother had an affair with a werewolf. Niklaus was the result of this romance. A werewolf by birth, Niklaus was turned into a vampire by his mother, Esther. Therefore, he became not only the original vampire and werewolf, but also the original hybrid.

Klaus’s lust for blood was incredible, and the werewolf genes that woke after his first murder made him even more dangerous. His mother, however, limited her son's power by tying his werewolf powers to the moonstone.

Klaus may have been a legend among vampires, but what about his fans? How much do you remember about him? Can you remember who said the following quotes to Klaus over the years?

Answers at the end!

1. "Every Artist Has A Story, You Know."


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