The Originals: The Hardest Elijah Mikaelson True Or False Quiz On The Internet

How much do you remember about the honorable original vampire?

The Originals Elijah
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Elijah Mikaelson portrayed brilliantly by Daniel Gilles was the most honorable original vampire. Gilles got used to the role perfectly. He was able to show the inner state of his character and a dismissive and condescending attitude towards others. And it was with his charm and charisma that he won the sympathy of the audience.

Elijah Mikaelson was a legend among vampires. Dressed elegantly in a suit and tie, speaks in a professional manner, getting his point across without raising his voice. Nevertheless, his cold-bloodedness frightened those around him who understood his true nature. Ever since becoming a vampire, he lost the touch with humanity, and his questionable choices and wrongful actions have had a significant impact on many characters.

While his brother Klaus always saw the worst in people, Elijah believed in redemption and his only goal was to find a rescue for his family. Although most of you think of Elijah as the lesser evil compared to Klaus, he was as ruthless and cruel as his brother. Don’t be fooled by his gentlemanly appearance, he was hiding his brutality behind the suits.

But just how much do you remember The Noble Brother? Can you ace the hardest Elijah Mikaelson true or false quiz on the internet?

Answers at the end!

1. Elijah Was The Second Child Of Mikael And Esther.


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