The Originals: The HARDEST Hayley Marshall Quiz On The Internet

How well do you know the Crescent Wolf Clan Queen?

The Originals Hayley Marshall
The CW

The Vampire Diaries itself proved to be a hugely popular series for The CW, running for eight seasons before finally having a stake driven through its heart for the final time in 2017. And so successful was that show, it’s since spawned two spin-off shows – the first of which was The Originals.

So often over the years, it’s been a common theme that spin-off efforts can often stutter, stumble and ultimately fall to an early death after just a solitary season. In fact, there are even times when said spin-offs end up being pulled before they can even start their first season – as seen recently by Arrow’s planned future-set spin-off, Green Arrow and the Canaries.

For The Originals, the series proved to be a great show in its own right in addition to very much being a Vampire Diaries spin-off. By the time all was said and done, The Originals amassed 92 episodes across five impressive seasons.

One character who found herself so often anchoring The Originals across a large chunk of its run, was Phoebe Tonkin’s Hayley Marshall. How well do you know this werewolf-turned-hybrid, though?

Here, there’s a Hayley-driven The Originals quiz that even the show’s biggest fans will struggle to take a significant bite out of!

1. Hayley Cast A Spell On Her Mother In An Attempt To Lure Her Father To Where?


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