The Originals: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Elijah Mikaelson Quotes Quiz

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The Originals Elijah
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The Originals was an American drama television series that was the spin-off of the most-watched TV series - The Vampire Diaries. The story of the original vampires is focused on the life of the Mikaelson siblings.

Elijah Mikaelson was the very first Original to make an appearance on The Vampire Diaries. Elijah was the second son of Mikael and Esther and was considered to be one of the powerful original vampires. He was close to his siblings and also had a close relationship with his mother, but like all the Mikaelson siblings, hated his father Mikael for his brutal attitude towards his children.

Elijah put his family above all else. He took care of his siblings and together with Klaus and Rebekah, made an agreement to stick together forever as one. Well, Elijah had an optimistic outlook on life as he always wanted to see good in people. He stood for his loyalty, honesty, and the trust he felt towards people. But at the same time, he had no tolerance when people disrespected him or broke their promises.

Elijah had always been very emotional and romantic. He believed that true love existed and always mentioned that throughout his life he had been in love only twice.

So, do you remember this handsome vampire well enough to fill in the gaps of some of his quotes?

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1. "I'll Fight For My Family Until ____."


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