The Progressively Harder Sons Of Anarchy Quiz - Which Question Will You Fail?

How much do you remember about this epic show about a biker gang from California?

Sons of Anarchy Poster

It's been seven years since Sons of Anarchy left our screens and its absence has certainly been felt. The thrilling journey of Jax Teller and the rest of the Redwood Original crew will rightfully go down as one of the most capativating and twist-filled shows of the 21st century.

Since the show began all the way back in 2014, the SoA fanbase has been a loyal and vocal one. Many will say that they're a super-fan of the show and they know all the ins and outs of every storyline. However, this quiz will truly put that statement to the test.

It might seem like the questions are easy at the beginning, but the further you go, the more difficult the questions become. If you're beginning to have some doubt that you'll be able to answer everything needed to achieve the perfect score, then you might as well hop on your Harley and leave this one to the real fans of the show.

However, if you're a truly knowledgeable fan of the show, then this is the quiz to prove exactly that.

Let's begin...

1. What Fictional Town Is SOA Set In?


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