The Real Reason For Bart Simpson's Blue Shirt

Ever wondered why Simpsons merch always had Bart in blue?

Bart Simpson Blue Shirt
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The Simpsons is probably the most recognisable and popular animated TV show of all time. Everyone knows what Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the rest of Springfield look like even with just a silhouette to go off, with each character possessing their own unique outfit and shape that makes them instantly stand out.

But things haven't always been consistent. Animation errors and other such changes have led to characters fluctuating in appearance over the course of the show, with Smithers having initially been animated with black skin, and Moe originally having some dark, curly locks, as opposed to the grey head of hair fans have grown accustomed to over the years.

Of these assorted inconsistencies though, there is one that stands out: Bart's INFAMOUS - nay, NOTORIOUS! - blue shirt.

Bender Bart
20th Television

Although always depicted wearing an orange shirt on the show, throughout the nineties and early noughties, merchandise for Bart almost always depicted him wearing blue. Toys, comics, video games - you name it. If Bart was in it, he was wearing blue, and it's something that's confused Simpsons fans ever since.

Both The Simpsons itself and Futurama have even paid reference to Bart's blue garb, with Homer mistakenly believing Bart wears blue in Season 12's Pokey Mom episode, and Bender taking a bite of a blue shirted Bart doll in A Big Piece of Garbage, which aired during Futurama's first season.

So what's the deal really? Why did Bart wear blue in Simpsons-related media and merchandise, but never in the show itself?

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