The Simpsons: 10 Biggest Scandals Ever

9. Bart Banned

Homer Vs Dignity

When it first debuted, The Simpsons was one of the most controversial shows on television. It’s hard to appreciate now, given that The Simpsons is seen as a cultural icon and the likes of Family Guy and South Park exist.

Often when we talk about The Simpsons being groundbreaking and iconic, we mean in the way it popularised adult cartoons, satirised existing sitcom tropes out of existence and provided the foundation that many successful cartoons ended up building off.

But more than that, it challenged cultural norms and was even discussed in Congress.

It wasn’t just a famous TV show; it was a movement.

30 seasons in, it’s now "just another cartoon", and one with far less to say than BoJack Horseman or Rick & Morty. It was once a symbol of rebellion. US Republicans frequently used the show - Bart in particular- when discussing problems facing the youth of the day.

Several school districts in California, Ohio, Texas and Alabama even banned the wearing of Bart Simpson t-shirts in school property, claiming it promoted anti intellectualism. 30 years later, it’s all blown over, though Simpsons merchandise is still illegal in Iran.

A certain Republican Presidential Family even got involved, as we’ll see later.

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