The Simpsons: 10 Greatest Recurring Characters Introduced After Season One

9. Cletus

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Some folk’ll never lose a toe, but then again some folk’ll, like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel.

Aside from his toe, he also had at least two fingers eaten by a hog, and his crazy exploits along Springfield’s Rural Route 9 have made him one of the most popular secondary characters the show can boast. He has 44 children with his wife/sister Brandine, they live in a shack where he crafts his plumbing out of ‘cardyboard’ tubes, and eats roadkill and skunk. Everything about Cletus Spuckler is hilarious.

There are many characters in Springfield that are a parody of something, with a few of them occupying entries on this list, and Cletus is one of the best. He is the typical redneck and is incredibly lovable even with his incestuous tendencies.

Incredibly, Cletus missed out on the first four seasons of The Simpsons, not appearing in Springfield until season five in 'Bart Gets an Elephant'. Everyone else was playing with Stampy, while Cletus was too busy gawking at Lisa, the pointy-haired little girl.

Typically the slack-jawed yokel only rocks up for a scene or two, however, his blind optimism, and unmistakable hillbilly lifestyle are an utter joy whenever he does.

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