The Simpsons: 10 Most Important Episodes Ever Made

Indispensable, landmark and progressive episodes of the best show of all-time.

Despite the fact that nowadays The Simpsons is often thought to be a mere imitation of its former self, there's no denying that the show is one of the most influential series ever. Over the course of its nearly three decade run, it is has produced some of the most intelligent and innovative 22-minute episodes ever put to television, many of which managed to capture the zeitgeist of their time in ways that other TV shows simply didn't. So whilst The Simpsons' legacy is inarguable, is there such a thing as an "important" Simpsons episode? An episode that, looked upon in retrospect, now displays a genuine cultural value and longevity? An episode that succeeded, perhaps, in tackling a big or controversial subject and deconstructing it in a way that allowed for cultural progression? The simple answer to this question is: "Yes, of course!" And whilst there are lots and lots of reasons why an episode of The Simpsons might be deemed to be "important," it's also key to remember than an episode might be branded as such from an internal perspective, too; episodes that advanced the show intellectually, broke new ground, or dared to go places that other TV shows were too afraid to venture...

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