The Simpsons: 10 Most Overrated Episodes

Picking the best and worst is child's play but what do people wrongly assume are the best?

The Simpsons has been running for a whopping 27 seasons and during that time the show has produced over 500 episodes. There are people reading this article right now that have not only never lived without the Simpsons in their life, but were probably not even born when the Simpsons was truly at its peak. The Simpsons has been a television institution unlike any other and has singlehandedly influenced the very natures of both television and comedy itself. Debating where the show peaked, and what have been the highlights of the show€™s prodigious output is a fun activity for fans all over the world. But figuring out the best and the worst is a discussion that has been retreaded thousands of times before €“ what can be really challenging is trying to debate which episodes get too much credit, or don€™t get enough. In this article I look at some of the episodes are probably a bit overrated within the broad Simpsons canon. Keep in mind these are NOT bad episodes - in fact some of them are positively great. But it€™s a question of whether or not the sometimes divine position they hold amongst Simpsons fans is really fair. There are PLENTY OF WORSE EPISODES (particularly over the past ten or so years where Simpsons fans have had diminishing returns from each season passed) but it€™s not unreasonable to ask the question of whether or not people overstate the greatness of these ones a little bit too much.

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