The Simpsons: 10 Springfield Locations We'd Love To Visit

Springfield may be a crud bucket but this small town is full of hidden gems.

The Simpsons Ned Flanders leftorium

The Simpsons like to get around. They've traveled all over the world taking in the sights and going on wacky adventures. But they don't have to go far to find some amazing places. They've got practically everything they could need right on their doorstep.

Springfield may be a small town but it features landscapes ranging from desert to meadow, mountain to swamp as well as an urban centre packed with all kinds of weird and wonderful establishments. It's not just the places themselves that make Springfield worth visiting either. Those who live and work in the town are part of the appeal too with their crazy. They all have their haunts and some places have become practically synonymous with some of Springfield's biggest characters.

It's no wonder that Simpsons fans have found plenty of places in Springfield they'd like to visit and experience for themselves. Whether it's for nostalgia value or the appeal of delicious foods or crazy experiences, there's plenty to recommend in the town once called "America's Crud Bucket".

10. Moe's Tavern

The Simpsons Ned Flanders leftorium
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The dive bar has been growing in popularity in recent years. There's a certain type of person who pays good money for creaky barstools, suspect beer and a grizzled barman. If that's the idea, it doesn't get much more authentic than Moe's Tavern.

Any Simpsons fan would love a chance to visit Moe's and drink Duff with the guys. There's room for all sorts of shenanigans in here too. Think of the characters you could meet or the drinks you could try. Flaming Moe anyone? But visitors would need to be extra careful not to get on Moe's side. He's known to force unruly patients out at the point of a shotgun.

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