The Simpsons Or Futurama Quiz: Who Did It - Bart Simpson Or Bender?

America's Bad Boy, or Blotto?


With The Simpsons becoming the small screen juggernaut it had by the time Futurama first released in 1999, there were always going to be comparisons between the two. Though Matt Groening's second show breaks the cartoon trope of being based around an American family, there are still parallels to be found between the characters.

Homer and Fry are the centre of their respective shows, with Marge and Leela by their sides the entire way, but there may be no two characters as similar to each other as Bart Simpson and Bender Bending Rodriguez.

While one is a chain-smoking, alcohol dependent robot from the 31st century, and the other is little more than a typical 10 year old boy in a typical, if dysfunctional American family, Bart and Bender have a lot in common.

They are the loveable rascals. The ones that put forward the bad boy exterior, but deep down just want to be accepted. Though their environments are drastically different, the two have gotten into some similar situations through the years, but can you tell them apart based solely on what they've done? Just how well do you know the fan favourite characters?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Ate The Shorts Off A Bart Simpson Doll?


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