The Simpsons Or Futurama Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Homer Or Fry?

One thousand years into the future and stupidity is flourishing still, can't anybody stop it?


When it comes to idiots you can be classed as one for many reasons. Between Homer Simpson And Philip Fry they pretty much cover all bases.

Homer Simpson is the extremely lazy and extremely dumb patriarch of the Simpsons family. He stumbles and bumbles through life causing many outrageous catastrophes due to his complete lack of awareness and intelligence. The name Homer may ring bells with the famous author of ancient Greek tragedies, but in this case we can just leave it at tragic.

One thousand years later, Phillip Fry is walking evidence that stupid can survive well into the future. From pizza delivery boy to intergalactic delivery man he really sets his career ambitions high, although how he manages to hold down a regular job astounds us all.

With these two men having their brain settings turned down low yet their volume turned up high, there are many very memorable quotes that come completely unconsidered from their mouths. Can you remember who said any of the following pearls of absolute wisdom from the glutton and the gormless?

Answers are at the end of the quiz!

1. “Lord Help Me, I’m Just Not That Bright.”


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