The Simpsons Or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Who Said It, Homer Simpson Or Charlie Kelly?

How well do you really know Homer Simpson and Charlie Kelly?


Homer Simpson and Charlie Kelly aren’t too dissimilar, apart from the obvious extra dimension - both characters are lazy, driven by food and in search of the next beer. While Homer is Duff’s biggest patron around Springfield, Charlie is on the other side of the bar, attempting to run the hugely unsuccessful Paddy’s pub with the Gang.

Homer is and always will be seen as the granddaddy of cartoon comedy, with his slobbery portrayed in an audience-friendly manner. This is in stark contrast to Charlie as he is a straight up lowlife. It’s almost like they took Homer and turned the crude factor up to 11.

No matter what these two dummies shortcomings are, it’s difficult not to like them. Homer means well with his overtly idiotic antics and Charlie is the loser everyone has a soft spot for.

How well do you really know The Simpsons’ and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia's funniest characters? Can you tell Homer Simpson and Charlie Kelly apart from their quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. “You’ll Have To Shout Up, I’m Wearing A Towel”


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