The Simpsons Quiz: How Well Do You Know Principal Skinner?

"I said steamed hams! That's what I call hamburgers!"

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He's been on The Simpsons since the very first episode, and has become everyone's favourite Principal. Principal Skinner is the militant superior of Springfield Elementary School, who ironically cowers in non-resistance to figures of authority.

Bossed around by his mother Agnes and Superintendent Chalmers, Skinner and Chalmers became a meme in 2018 with the Steamed Hams scene from 1996's 22 Short Films About Springfield, receiving a wave of appreciation that was long overdue.

The Vietnam War veteran also has a complex love-hate relationship with protagonist Bart Simpson, but do you know everything there is to know about him?

Can you ace 100% of the questions on our Seymour Skinner quiz?

Answers at the end!

1. Which Of These Characters Did Principal Skinner Briefly Date In The Episode 'Principal Charming'?


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