The Simpsons Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Edna Krabappel?

Do you remember the name of her red marking pen?

The Simpsons Edna

The Simpsons has been keeping us entertained for over thirty years, and with another two new seasons announced, it shows no signs of slowing down.

With any show that runs for as long as The Simpsons has, it's no surprise that there is a lot to take in. From minor characters to some intense storylines, it would take only the biggest of Simpsons fans to remember everything that has happened in the town of Springfield.

One resident of Springfield who definitely left her mark was Edna Krabappel. She may not have been part of the Simpson family, but she definitely played an important role. Not only was she Bart Simpsons' teacher, she was also a very good friend to him. It's fair to say that Edna has been missed since her sad departure in season twenty-five.

Just how well do you remember Edna? Do you remember who she dated over the years? What about the name of her marking pen? It would take a Simpsons genius to be able to score full marks on this quiz! Are you up for the challenge?

1. What Was The Name Of Edna's "Pen-Pal"?


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