The Simpsons Quiz: Which Classic Episode Did This Quote Come From?

So long, dental plan! Lisa needs braces! Dental plan! Lisa needs braces!

The Simpsons family

The Simpsons is a show that has become so synonymous with pop culture that it's easy to forget just how big it was back in the 90s. There was a time when the series was considered by many to be the funniest thing on television — with every premiere giving us classic episode after classic episode.

Of course, nowadays, when you ask people about The Simpsons, you'll mostly hear replies of sighs and groans from fans who lament, "That used to be such a fantastic show.".

There's certainly been a decline in quality for the once widely beloved animated headliner and many Simpsons lovers can agree the series was at its prime during the 90s, with many unforgettable episodes coming from the decade like Marge vs. the Monorail, 22 Short Films About Springfield, and Last Exit to Springfield.

These episodes will always remain classics for many Simpsons fanatics, and if you're one of them, you probably know these episodes so well you can instantly recognise their quotes. Test your knowledge of The Simpsons and see how many quotes you can guess correctly which episodes they came from!

1. "Batman's A Scientist."


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