The Simpsons Quiz: Who Said It – Patty Or Selma?

No Homers allowed here.

The Simpsons Patty Slema
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Few shows in television history have had a cast of characters as extended as The Simpsons. Not only that, Matt Groening’s cult sitcom seems to have each and every one of those characters defined and developed to a tee.

Two great examples are Marge’s sisters, Patty and Selma Bouvier, who started off as simple supporting characters with their personalities reduced to being Homer-hating chain-smokers. But as the series grew, so did they, and throughout the years we have seen many layers of detail added to them. Most famously, in season sixteen Patty comes out as gay.

Despite all of that growth, one of the show’s running gags about the Bouvier twins is that they are practically indistinguishable from each other, aside from a few slight differences in their appearance. In fact, even Selma and Patty themselves find it hard to tell each other apart when looking at old photos.

So with that in mind, how well do you think you can tell them apart? We’ve assembled a list of fifteen of their best, most hilarious quotes from The Simpsons’ 33-season run, and all you have to do is guess which one of the Bouvier sisters said it. Hint: it wasn’t Marge.

1. "This Town Has Losers Like Mexico Has Headless Corpses."


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