The Simpsons: The Impossible Duffman Quiz

Do you know the name of Duffman's pet parrot?!

duff man

Duffman is of course a not so subtle parody of the infamous Bud Man, the former mascot of the Budweiser brand of beer. He has an enthusiastic, over the top persona with William Shatner esque mannerisms and acts as the travelling spokesman for Springfield’s favourite beer of choice, Duff Beer.

Several characters have portrayed Duffman over the years but today’s quiz is mostly based on the originator and the best, a character which spawned the Oh, Yeah catchphrase.

How closely were you paying attention to past episodes of The Simpsons that featured this character with the screen time he deserved. Do you know the name of Duffman's pet parrot or the name of the actor who portrayed Duffman in a parody spin-off?

Take our quiz below and remember you can find the answers to the questions at the very end. Don’t forget Duffman is here to refill your beer… but also to try and catch you out with a little bit of Springfield trivia.

1. He Became Known As Spaceman When The Duff Company Replaced Him With What?


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