The Simpsons: The Impossible Homer Simpson True Or False Quiz

How well do you know the patriarch of the Simpson family?

Deep Space Homer

It's a fact that there will never be another television character quite like Homer J. Simpson. He can go from being an absolute idiot to being the most loveable person in the world. Yes, he is lazy, selfish, and has a lot of anger issues, but he is also someone who is relatable and does the best he can for his family. Most of the time anyway! He is loved by millions of fans all over the world.

The Simpsons has now become the longest running show in television history - having premiered way back in 1989 - and with new seasons on the horizon, we've got plenty more Homer action to look forward. But before then, we want to test your memory skills and see just how closely you have been paying attention over the years.

Just how well do you really know Homer J. Simpson? Do you know him better than his family? What about his friends down at Moe's Tavern? Only Homer's biggest fan will have a chance at scoring 100%. Is that you? Let's find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Homer's Middle Name Is Jay.


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