The Simpsons: The Impossible Kent Brockman Quiz

How well do you know Springfield's most famous tv news anchor?

Kent Brockman The Simpsons

Is Kent Brockman the most famous fictional tv news anchor of all time?

He brings the news of the day to the characters of Springfield in his usual judgemental and sarcastic tone and his often rather questionable ethics on full display. Kent loves his job and will pretty much do anything to get ahead and ensure his tv news show gets the biggest ratings points possible.

Appearing in hundreds of episodes of The Simpsons, news anchor Kent Brockman was also the key character in many specific episodes including You Kent Always Say What You Want and Girly Edition.

Kent’s character is said to have been inspired by real life news anchors such as Los Angeles reporters Jerry Dunphy and Hal Fishman and also the likes of Lloyd Robertson, Ted Baxter, Ted Koppel and Walter Cronkite.

But how much do you remember about all things Kent Brockman? Do you know which tv network he presents on or what subject did he nearly become a teacher for?

Take our Impossible Simpsons quiz below and check out how you did with the answers at the very end.

1. Kent Brockman Is A Local News Tv Personality For Which Channel?


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