The Simpsons: The Progressively Harder Homer Simpson Quiz

Can you remember which American football team Homer owns?

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is probably the most recognisable fictional character on television. Sure in the UK you have Basil Fawlty and Del Boy Trotter and in the US you may have Frasier Crane, Michael Scott and the cast of Friends but more than any other show, The Simpsons transcends cultures and languages and is a global phenomenon.

When creator Matt Groening first conceived of The Simpsons it was so they would be easily recognisable in a quickly drawn silhouette. Homer Simpson was a brand before The Simpsons was even a thing and it’s no surprise that in 2022 you can purchase just about anything with Homer’s face on it.

He’s appeared in over 700 episodes of The Simpsons but how much attention were you paying to all of his time in Springfield?

Do you know which American football team he owns or when he celebrates his birthday? How about who Homer donated one of his kidneys to or which famous astronaut he once went into space with.

Take our quiz below and remember you can find the answers at the very end. Good luck!

1. What Is The Name Of Homer Simpson’s Wife?


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