The Simpsons: The Ultimate Treehouse Of Horror Quiz

On the 30th anniversary of this creepy treat, Springfield tackles the Upside Down!

Treehouse Of Horror

With Halloween just around the corner, The Simpsons is gearing up for Treehouse of Horror XXX, which fittingly falling on episode number 666.

It’s common knowledge that the golden era of The Simpsons has long since passed, with material feeling a little worn out and punchlines a little tired, but one of the only consistencies the show truly has is the yearly scare fest. Simpsons’ fans and horror fans alike circle the date in the calendar for the annual spooky episode.

In the 30th year, Springfield is to turn into Hawkins and parody the insanely popular Stranger Things. Lisa is taking on the role of Eleven, as well as other notable characters being tackled like Chief Wiggum transforming into fan favourite Detective Hopper.

Some of the greatest and most memorable moments The Simpsons have come within these fiendishly good parodies, so with the iconic episode approaching fast, what better time to look back at one of the best parts of The Simpsons?

How well do you know the non canonical side of Springfield? Prove you’re a fan of the ghoulish episodes by taking this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. What Is The Name Of Bart's Identicle Twin Brother?


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