The Simpsons: You'll Never Get 100% On This Principal Skinner Quiz

How well do you remember Springfield's troubled authoritarian?


There would be a major gaping void in The Simpsons without its hysterical exploration of Springfield's dubious education system, as best embodied through Springfield Elementary School's beleaguered Principal Seymour Skinner.

Though as we all know, that's not his real name.

Voiced to perfection by the brilliant Harry Shearer, Principal Skinner may at first have seemed to be a stereotypically milquetoast educator, though over the course of The Simpsons' 30+ seasons, he has been revealed to be a decidedly more complex, tortured, and most importantly, hilarious, figure.

Skinner's popularity was recently renewed with the unstoppable momentum of the iconic "Steamed Hams" meme, though in his own right, the man is an unforgettable monument to the questionable figures of authority all of us encounter in our daily lives.

But how well do you remember his antics, both embarrassing and hysterical, over the years? You'd be forgiven for forgetting as much as you've learned about him over almost 700 episodes, so only the most hardcore Simpsons devotees have a hope of nailing 100% on this quiz.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. What Is Skinner's Real First Name?


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